Wonderful Christmas Season in Sintra

Santa Claus and his elves are back in Sintra as we get closer to Christmas: the Sintra City Hall shows solidarity by organizing the Christmas Kingdom in the central Liberty Park in favour of families and animals in need. At the same time, in the middle of the Historic Center an ice-skating rink, a carousel, Christmas market and gospel choirs will be the center of attention.

A proper elf-greeting at the gates of Liberty Park

The Christmas Kingdom will open on the 1st of December at 3 pm as Santa Claus will arrive escorted by motorcycles! The land of elves and fairies welcomes you to join in the activities, games, concerts and wonderful food until the 23rd of December. Even though most of the activities are meant for children, adults will certainly enjoy the the sites of the wonderful park turned into a winter wonderland! Although the visit is free of charge, non-perishable food items or small money donations to buy food are accepted at the entrance for families and institutions in need; as well as pet food that will then be distributed to animal shelters. 

The News Museum joins the celebrations and invites young people and children to record and share a television report about Christmas from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5pm until December the 23rd.

The Christmas Kingdom's opening hours are:

Thursdays and Fridays 9:00-17:00
Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-19:00
19-23 Dezember 11:00-19:00

Rent a pair of skates an try your skill!
The square in front of the National palace (Terreiro Rainha D. Amélia) will also be full of animation, until the 6th of January: next to the huge Christmas Tree an ice-skating rink, a carousel and a Christmas market with local and artisenal products will keep anyone busy! In addition, on Saturday afternoons the music will be live at 17:30 with different gospel choirs animating the events. 
These activities are available as follows:

Monday to Sunday: from 10:00 to 19:00
24th and 31st of Dezember: from 10:00 to 15:00
25th of Dezember and 1st of January: closed
Ice Skating fee: 20 minutes: 3€ / 1 hour: 5€
Carousel fee: 1.5€

Check out the special winter packages Casa do Valle has available for those wanting to come and enjoy the Christmas celebrations in Sintra!


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