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Bouldering and Climbing

Are you a complete beginner to these activities, wanting to give them a try?
Do you climb on indoor walls and are ready to transit to the real thing?
Are you an avid climber looking for new crags?

If you answered yes to any of the above, Sintra is the place for you!
This is what you find:
More than 20 crags and 30 bouldering sectorsLimestone/granite/basalt/sandstoneSport-climbing, Traditional-climbing and BoulderingIncredible sea cliffs and inland cragsUp to 6 pich long routes
Casa do Valle has, together with Sintra Climbing Tours, come up with several climbing packages aimed to improve your safety and and climbing techniques, no matter what, if any, your previous experience.   All of them include:

accomodation with breakfast; all necessary, certified equipment; experienced instructors;  insurance;  transfers when necessary.    
We also give you a good-weather guarantee - if there are no conditions to do the activity, you will have full refund of the activity fee!

Choose your climbing p…