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The Festival Season: Classical and Jazz

The 46th edition of the Sintra Music Festival opened this weekend. This year the special focus and central theme is Liszt and Mahler, both known for musical romanticism, fitting so well in Sintra, the capital of Romanticism. This classical music festival hosts its concerts not only in the Cultural Center of Olga Cadaval, but also in the palaces, churches and manor houses.

From June 24th until the the 10th of July, there are numerous concerts and recitals, talks and movies, performed by a large and varied group of national and international artists. The list is enormous, please check the official site of the Festival for further information; schedules and venues Some of the concerts are free, to others the tickets average 10-15 euros. Great opportunity to indulge in classical music!

In case that you are not familiar with these composers, here is an address to a youtube video of a romantic piece by Liszt: …