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Surfing in Sintra with Surf At

Sintra has many beaches, some of which are famous for surfing and bodyboarding.  The good thing about them is that surfing is always good at one of the beaches! That is why we recommend a surf school that has a license to operate in more than one of the beaches.  I have asked Vilma Nummila to write this post about surfing - she was here this summer and took a one-week surfing course, so she has first-hand experience and knows what it is like to start surfing here in Sintra.  My experience is that the surf school she chose, Surf At, is a school with certified instructors and equipment - as well as insurance and very pleasant staff! So here is Vilma's account on her surfing:

Are you looking for a fun but challenging activity that provides you unforgettable experiences? Then surfing might be the thing for you.
Surf At –surf school provides you surf lessons around the year. Affordable prices include the teaching and the rent of equipment. All you need with you are a swimsuit and a beach…