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Hiking and Walking

I have not blogged for awhile for it has been hectic and wonderfully busy.

The last month was vey busy with walkers/hikers from Finland who came with the Matkamieli company from Finland. It was a busy, wonderful time, with lots of new things for us as well.  Though we often have groups visiting, rarely groups that take up all of the space for several weeks in a row.

It was a marvelous time, I often went along to the hikes, and enjoyed company, other than Pandora, on the walks. I was reminded what a wonderful region this is for hiking, and what varied terraine there is.  One of the days the groups walked through small villages, another through a forest to the other side of the mountain, to Cascais, another yet high up on the cliffs along the Atlantic coast.  In fact I have now mapped many of those walks on Sports Tracker and Map My Walk for the benefit of others, knowing the distances, changes in altitudes and also recording photos of the key spots.

So inspired was I that I have, toget…