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Last week when I spent a week abroad for work, Sintra was HOT with temperatures rising until 38-40 degrees in the afternoon. Now that I am back, they went back to the 20's. The pool water is about 24º and it does not change quickly, which is really good! It seems that this coming week we can expect temperatures of up to 27º and then next week they go over the 30º mark again. You can follow the weather here through the following site (accuweather):|PT|PO012|AMADORA&week=15

So last week I was not here - I went to the United States for work, and stocked up on some important items:
A proper 110 - 220 volt current converter, with the proper adapter. This because we have had some situations with sensitive equipment of our American guests as they are sometimes unaware that it is not always enough to just have a plug that fits, the current is also very important! If you are American and still o…