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New year, new activities!

We have had the most gorgeous winter!  After the last two rainy winters, we have just enjoyed a solid month of sunshiny afternoons and cool nights.  Perfect for outdoor activities, such as walking, hiking, bicycling, sitting at outside cafés, horse riding, golfing... Last night we started getting some rain, which, let's face it, was already needed for crops, and it IS the season for rain, anyway, so we should not complain!  But it has been really nice to go for the walks and do many outside activities without having to worry about showers. And after today it should be nice again for a week or so! (You can always check out the weather here through the link ).

We have started this year with many improvement activities.  First came the new supporting wall for the level of the internet house.  The November rains and the roots of the Pittosporum trees together created cracks on the wall, so it is now iron and concrete re…