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Climbing feedback - wonderful time!

This spring we had two sisters staying with us, and both tried climbing for the first time with Sintra Climbing Tours.  Martta had done indoor climbing for a year, Siiri however had never climbed at all.  They both loved it! I asked them to write an account on their experiences, and here it is, with a few pictures as well! 
For more on bouldering and other outdoor activities here, check out these videos:
I started climbing 1 year and a half ago in an indoor climbing gym in Paris and fell in love with it after the first session. I take to the bouldering blocks once a month, and have always been curious about climbing in the nature.
Bouldering is low to the ground climbing without a harness, and requires technique, flexibility, strength and creativity. I like bouldering because you don’t need a rope, or a partner, so you are freer. Nevertheless, it is still a social activity …