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Sintra Romantica

I went to the launching of the official concept of Sintra as the Capital of Romance yesterday. BEAUTIFUL! The setting was at Quinta da Regaleira in the evening - and what made it so beautiful, in addition to the obviously magnificent gardens, were the videos and photos passed on the screen behind the presentation. Please check some of it out at - even if you do not speak any Portuguese, the video they have in the very beginning is worth the 8 minutes. After watching it you really want to come to Sintra with that significant other!

Especially after you see our special deals on massages - we are partnering with a new wellness-center in Sintra wehre they have wonderful therapists doing all kinds of massages from the more known aromatherapy to Tui Na and Seitai massages, Acupuncture, Reiki, and even Yoga (also special sessions for two people...). All of this either at the center OR in the peace of your room here! And affordable prices from 30 euros upward. Ke…

Summer? LOTS of activities!

This is a question many clients have asked me, since after the heat wave of end of May we've had cooler than average temperatures - with an unpleasant wind. The nights are always cool here but now the coolness has extended to noon - though the afternoons are nice and warm (23-28º).

The activities continue in Sintra! Again, just a few high-lights:

Free Musical activities on Saturdays of July:
Jazz concerts at 10 pm in the libray gardensFolkloric dances and traditional orchestral music in Colares in the eveningsPhilharmonic orchestras and choir groups in the afternoons in the Historical Center

The Medieval fairs continue with enacting of the gladiator fights in front of Sintra's National Palace on the weekend of the 11-12/7 and with a market as was the custom in the 700's: with artists, performers, handicrafts from those times by the Queluz palace on the weekend of the 17-19/7.

Also in Queluz Palace 14/7-16/8, a guided visit with an historical re-enactment of daily life at the…