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Two elderly ladies in Sintra

I have written a lot about walking, visiting and riding the bikes - but what if you arenot very mobile?  We recently had two separate clients with a walking stick due to an injury, and also some clients with bad knees.  How did they do?  Well, there are lots of alternativeways to walking in Sintra.  I asked the ladies with the bad knees to share theirexperiences for the benefit of others in similar situations and this is their accountof their holidays.  Hope you enjoy it!

It had been well over ten years since I had been to Sintra. Then I was muchyounger and my knees were so much better.  But getting older and weaker didn´t weaken the attraction of Sintra in my mind. So when my friend expressed her wishes to visit Portugal and especially Sintra, it was not very hard for her to talk me into making travel arrangements. 
At first I didn’t even remember how steep the streets are and how everything isbuilt with stairs and steps. I spent some time going through my photos and started to wonder…