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Paragliding Baptism!

The feeling of freedom.  
The mixed sensation of slight panic and incredible happiness.
Last week the winds were finally perfect and my desire to experiment paragliding  came through. 
My thirty minute flight was tandem, so my harness was attached to that of Luís, my instructor.  No need for me to do anything other than pull my harness down after take-off, to sit more comfortably. And even that I needed a little help with.  It is difficult to explain the feeling of flight – I loved the views of the cliffs and the sea.  The quietness of the flight – no engine, just the sound of the wind and the birds.  The calmness and the patience of Luís with my anxiousness helped me relax and enjoy the gliding.
And it was just that – gliding, no bumps, no quirks, no sudden drops or movements.  Yet some simple turns at first made my stomach feel a cold tightness that quickly passed. But no flight sickness!   I do recognize that a client like me is a challenge to an instructor, but Luís' profession…