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Christmas Season Activities!

As Portugal is deep in the crisis, one cannot help but wonder what that will do for tourism and for Christmas season.  Like many other cities, to save money, Sintra has opted to have no public Christmas lights in the streets. This does not mean, however, that there is no Christmas animation - quite the contrary!  The shops all have their own window displays, and some of them are quite creative, I might add!
And there are MANY concerts and programs happening, some free, some paid, some in Sintra, some in Lisbon.  Some are for children, some for families, some more for the grown folks. In this blog I will basically just list the events, and add links to sites with more information.

I will start with Sintra.
Parques de Sintra have programs for the whole family!
Natal Saloio (Country Christmas) on December 4th at Monserrate
Natal Real (Royal Christmas) on December 11th at Pena Palace
Natal Franciscana (Franciscan Christmas) on December 18th at the Capuchos Conven…