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Moving about

Our clients frequently ask how to get to Sintra from the airport and if they need a car here to move around. This blog tries to answer these questions.

There are various railroad lines in the Greater Lisbon area. One goes from the Cais de Sodré station to Cascais (passing Estoril), another goes from the Rossio station to Sintra. Neither passes by the airport. There are between 3 and 6 trains per hour between Lisbon and Sintra and the oneway ticket per person is about 2 euros. There are several normal buses that pass by the airport that you can take to Lisbon center without luggage - and special ones that go to town that are easy enough with luggage. There are also hourly buses that go to Cascais/Estoril directly from the airport - but none directly to Sintra. Check out this site regarding getting to downtown Lisbon:

So to get to Sintra, you either have to take a bus/taxi downtown Lisbon, change into a train and once in Sintra, g…