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Perfect weather!

This spring and beginning of summer, the question we have answered the most to our guests is 'What's with the weather?' Or 'Is this weather normal here this time of the year?'
Mostly we answer 'No, it's not normal' or 'Well, there is really nothing we can do about it'.
It really has been much colder and wetter than 'normal'. In March it rained 4 times the normal average amount, and it was the second coldest March in the history of Portugal (since the measurements begun).
It HAS been cold.  It HAS rained a lot. Yes, we still have heaters on in the rooms in JUNE! Unheard of! But it is not raining continuously. Luckily it is nothing you cannot cope with, with a coat or a sweater. As we are entering the month when summer officially begins, we keep hoping that the morning shower of each day will be the last one. And we also keep hoping that the fall will be like last year - beautiful weather until the end of November!

To me the weather has no…

The traffic has changed in Sintra!

For a nicer, friendlier and safer place for residents and tourists alike, new traffic regulations are in place in Sintra to stop the huge volume of cars. The Historic Center is now almost car-free. Many streets were changed to one-ways, and the traffic in many of them has been restricted to authorized vehicles only.  Who is authorized?
Residents – up to two cars are allowed by residence to get a permit to circulate and park in the historic centre. Business owners – up to three cars are allowed to get a permit to circulate and park in the historic centre. Special Permit owners: there are two types of special permits – circulation only and circulation and parking. Circulation only is meant for those who for instance drop their children off to school in the restricted area.Circulation and parking permit, or ‘Do not disturb’ is a permit for those who want to drive to and park in this area. Each accommodation can request a limited number of these permits that are paid. These permits mus…