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White Plum

Red Plum

Here comes the sun...


The sun feels so good after so much rain. This weekend was the first time this year we had lunch out on the terrace - and guests had breakfast outside, too. During the day it is warm enough to take a stroll in a t-shirt; yet at night a coat is still more than necessary.

The garden changed over night: the fruit trees started to bloom and small flowers pushed through to give even more color to the scenery.

As it was Valentine's, our Bed and Breakfast was full of couples taking a weekend off in Sintra, the Romantic Capital of Portugal. The town was full of couples of all ages walking hand in hand, even cuing up for the horse and carriage rides. Love was in the air, in addition to the sun.


There are several things that are filling -

Of course the swimming pool is filling as the rain keeps pouring down, though now with considerable breaks with sunshine. Someone just said the rain this year is like the in-laws: coming for a visit at Christmas time and lingering on until carnival...

Our rooms are filling up especially on the weekends - our special deal for two weekend-nights has been popular.

The book case in the internet house is also quite full - sadly a friend is moving away and has made a nice donation of recent and classical books for our little library.

The trees on the patio and the garden are now full of birds. And the patio trees are about to open the sweet-scented flowers that are filling the branches!

What is new are the key-chains of our rooms: colorful, large but not heavy, hand made by Elisete. Here's a picture with them all.