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Riding a bike up the mountain...

Stopping to buy ceramics on the way up from the beach
It has been a very busy season for us here at Casa do Valle - which is great! I took an afternoon off the other week with my friend when we went with a horse and carriage to Monserrate. Now my sister visited, and I took some more time off - this time doing something that I had been wanting to do for awhile, but not alone: I rented an electric bike.

I have always liked riding a bike, but somehow the idea of normal mountain biking on these mountain roads does not appeal to me - I vision a sweaty ride concentrating on each effort of pedaling to make it up the hill, a sweaty, curved back and hearing my heart beat so loud I cannot hear anything else. Which would be great for RPM or spinning. But I would like to envision myself pedaling upright, listening to the wind through the eucalyptus leaves, the birds chirping away; feeling the scent of the pine, eucalyptus and other trees - all this without being too tired to enjoy it all. An…