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Tired legs? NO MORE!

As I understand it, there are two major categories of tired legs: The first has to do with varicose veins and /or retention of liquids, the second with tired muscles.  My case is usually the second one, after long walks on the mountain with not enough stretching - or just heavy up hills.  And I know I am not the only one.  The good news is that we have created a massage just for that, aligned with our wellness theme of the summer - a massage for tired legs, no matter what the reason!  And I just had one yesterday!

Helena started out by an ex-foliation of my legs with an aromatherapy scrub of olive oil, course salt, cinnamon essence and rosemary.  As my legs were scrubbed, I started relaxing.  After 10 minutes of scrubbing, the salt was washed off and the massage begun. The pores were open due to the ex-foliation and the essences entered the legs and helped the circulation.  After a half-an hour massage that included some stretching, my legs were tired no more, with an extra bonus of b…

Ready for our Wellness Summer?

This month officially introduces spring again!  We have had a horrible and wonderful winter.  Horrible because it is our rainy season and it has not rained hardly at all - agriculture is suffering and we have started the watering system approximately two months before 'normal' time.  And wonderful for the same reason!  The previous two winters were so rainy, that the thought of yet another rainy winter was not very appetizing.  So, shame on me, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the cold and dry winter.  

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, we have been busy arranging things - in the garden as well as in the rooms.  And we have been busy planning our WELLNESS SUMMER!  Between 13/6 and 5/7 we have the privilege of having Joel Löwenberg with us.  He is a Health professional from Sweden who has lived in Portugal, and speaks fluent English. 

Joel is a health and weight-loss coach in Sweden, a personal trainer, and a  certified Massage Therapist in both Sweden and Australia. His experie…