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Find and balance the INNER YOU with Chi Kung and Nature Meditation (Women's April retreat)

The year 2017 is our Wellness Year.  At Casa do Valle we are focusing on being green, sustainable and well. With wellness, we mean a sound mind in a sound body
Our first step of holistic wellness approach is a retreat for women of all ages with Conceição Espada 20-24 April 2017. The objective of this retreat is the finding of oneself and balancing it as nature intended.
The retreat program consists of group and individual sessions on ‘The ecology of being a woman' and 'Nature and the Feminine Being' with Conceição Espada, Hormonal Chi Kung practices, walks and meditation in nature, relaxation exercises and massages, and especially planned out meals to help detox the stress of our lives and awaken our inner being.

Hormonal Chi Kungis a combination of movements that work the body, muscles, breathing, emotions and concentration. Practicing it on a regular basis unblocks the Chi (vital energy) that provides us with a feeling of well-being and stability at the hormonal level, …