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Abandoned houses

When you walk around Sintra and Lisbon you cannot but notice and wonder about some beautiful old buildings that look like they are abandoned and/or falling apart. It saddens many to see the potential of these houses going to waste just sitting there with broken or boarded up windows, roof half falling and the garden overgrown. Right across the street from us there is one such building and a few times a week I tell people the story of it.

As the high fencing and basketball hoop lets you guess, it was 'Escola Academica' still about 20 years ago when we were building and moved here; a small private school. Once a beautiful building, full of life, the school mistress retired, the school lost its license, and for awhile after the death of the old school mistress, a family lived there with no rights to rental. When they were successfully evicted, we thought the house would be soon sold and were looking forward to new neighbors - with no luck until today. Many people wanted to…

Why I ask for your arrival time and contact information

A few separate incidents.

A Dutch couple came in in the middle of the afternoon, brought in their luggage and was shown around the house: the pool, the garden and the internet house. They got the WiFi code for their laptop, they ordered breakfast and started undoing their bags. It was only then that they noticed that the laptop and other electric/electronic items were missing from the suitcase. Followed a trip to the police station, canceling cards and changing email passwords, but in the end nothing was recouped.

An American family arrived at 930am straight from their international flight. Their luggage was stored here, they had breakfast by the pool, and then took a nap (on the chill-out-sofa, in the hammock) before they took the keys of their would-be room and went to town to start their exploration of Sintra. Two days later when they left, we kept their luggage for several hours after check-out time as they still went sight-seeing before their night flight.

A family driving in …

Great views and food at Crôa!

The Portuguese love a good meal. And they love their families. SO - you often get the whole families in restaurants: the grandparents, the uncles, the children, the cousins... Sometimes if you just want to go for a relaxing lunch as a couple having other people's children running around is tiresome. And other times it's your own children that are impatiently awaiting to go home while you would still like to continue your meal in peace (as the Portuguese meals tend to take a long time).

One of the restaurants that recently has become popular amongst our clients is Crôaon Praia Grande. Literally ON Praia Grande, high up on top, overlooking the beach, facing the sea. Beautiful place for sunsets! Crôa is one of these family owned and run restaurants that has lasted and lasted, always knowing what needs to be changed and kept to stay popular. It is also wonderful for family lunches as it has a fabulous fenced-in play-park between the terrace and the parking. A wonderful idea,…