Markets - great fun and surprising finds

The Market of São Pedro
There are several open-air markets around Sintra that are year-round fun for tourists and locals alike. In the times of closed in shopping centers, markets are great fun, full of exciting sounds and smells that invite us to browse and shop - many times for items we only could find this way. The larger markets, such as São Pedro and Monte Abraão, also have food stalls for a nice, warm lunch, and snack counters with freshly baked traditional pastries.

The São Pedro Market in São Pedro de Sintra is held on 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.  This is a very traditional market with everything you can imagine: food, like freshly baked bread, cheeses, and fruits and veggies; baby animals from birds to puppies; trees and plants; clothes and shoes, even men's suits; baskets, toys, and electronic gadgets, rugs, ... you name it, and most probably you can find it here.  The vendors that sell 'things' at this market are often selling stock with slight defects or over stock of warehouses; and you also have  farmers selling their goods. You also find vendors of traditional items (such as wicker baskets), and traditional household shops use this as an outlet, so you can find all kinds of bales and hotwater bottles and kitchen gadgets.  The fresh pão com chouriço's (bread with baked in sausage bits) scent lingers throughout the market area, as does the sound of the vendors' call of  'two for 5 euros' to call attention of the shoppers.  The new shopping centers and cheaper clothing stores have taken a toll on the number of vendors and visitors, but the market is still well worth visiting.

The flea market of Correntesa
The flea market in Correntesa, in front of the library, close to the Sintra station,  is also open twice monthly, the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month.  This is a smaller market, and many of the vendors used to be a part of the São Pedro Market  This is the place to find collectors' and retro items.  I have gotten vintage Ray Bans, a painting, dessert bowls, and a 50-year old globe from there; my sister bought an old set of keys;  my husband has brought home copper bowls, old postcards and books....  Nice stuff.  The market has great views to Sintra and the mountain - and there are a couple of real nice coffee and lunch places very close by.

Show and fair of Artesenal items
Along the Volta de Duche, between the City Hall and the National Palace, in front of the Moorish water fountain and the Liberty Park, there is yet another market: the market and show of handicrafts, on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  You can find jewelry, toys, pieces of art, bags, handmade clothes etc there.

 On the way to Cascais from Colares, near the Sintra Beaches is Almoçagem.  On weekend mornings the road side is full of vendors of fruit and veggies.  Originally this was a farmers' market only, now you have to go quite early (8-9 in the morning) to still find free-range farm eggs and home made jellies, fruit just picked from the trees...  The rest of the day you will find fruits and veggies, but they are the same ones you would find in the stores and they may not be at all local.  Nevertheless, it is quite convenient if you are on the way to or from lunch on the beach.
Almoçagem  road side market
A bit further, but at an easy 20 minute local train ride away is the market of Monte Abraão.  Similar to the São Pedro Market.  It is the largest one in the area, and sells, in addition to foods and fresh farmers' produce, stocks from warehouses.  I have bought fantastic sheets for single beds (too many had been produced of a particualr color), lots of baby clothes to offer, jeans and sweats - all are famous brand names, some have a slight defect, some just are overproduction.  You never are quite sure this week what they will have next week.  A great market, lots of movement.
Feira de Monte Abraão


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