Enter the New Year in meditation - relaxed and in harmony with yourself and Nature.

The retreat is the perfect time and place to:

• Rewind, slow down your daily rhythm and reconnect with nature;
• Unplug and appreciate the beauty of Nature;
• Rediscover yourself through Mindfulness;
• Improve your physical and mental health through Shinrin-Yoku;
• Relax and feel energized;
• Strengthen yourself and feel your inner peace;
• Start the New Year with a peaceful and calm mind and an energized body

We have designed this retreat to slow down and waken our senses, connecting to the natural world through yoga, shinrin yoku, meditation and kirtan.

Located in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, in the Historic Center of Sintra, a Unesco Cultural Heritage Site, Casa do Valle is surrounded by breathtaking nature and views both to the valley and to the mountain.

Sintra Mountain is known for the perfect harmony between its natural beauty and the human element in the area. A particularity of the area is in its geomorphology of a strong electromagnetic field which makes it the perfect place to reconnect with your spirituality, through Shinrin Yoku and Mindfulness.

     • 4 days and 3 nights of accommodation
     • Unlimited amount of fresh water, tea and coffee
     • Delicious and Nutricious meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
     • Guided activities by professionals:
         - 3 Yoga classes
         - 1 Mindfulness Walk
         - 2 Shinrin-Yokus
         - 1 session of Kirtan
         - 1 hike to the palaces on the top of the Sintra Mountain
         - Guided meditation to enter the New Year
     • Optional extras:
         - Sauna
         - Massage
         - Airport transfers
         - Discounts on extra Nights

Though there are many organized activities, you still have time to unwind and relax.

About the practices:

Hatha Yoga is a very complete form of yoga, training the whole body. Its benefits include strengthening and stretching the muscles, promoting the balance of the chakras, increasing posture and healing conserve our flexibility.

Yin Yoga the goal is to stretch the muscle tissues, tendons and ligaments that are on top of and inside of the muscles and organs.  Poses are held for several minutes with soft intuitive movement.  This promotes mobility and the metabolism of the tissue areas.

Forest Bathing  (森林 in japanese), is the practice of tranquil walking in the forest where the participants are invited to interact with nature through activities that appeal to touch, sense of smell, sight, hearing and even taste. Shinrin-Yoku slows down our heart beat, reduces blood pressure and stress hormones, increases our immunity, and improves our general well-being.

Mindfulness Walk consists of a silent walk in the forest, where we willbe completely present in each step we take, developing a sense of belonging andbeing an integral part of this planet. We will learn some Mindfulness
principals and through exercises focused on bodily awareness we will better be able to connect with the natural world and thus with the present.

Kirtan is an ancient practice of working on our spirituality by singing of mantras.    The term Kirtan is a sanscrit word meaning ‘control / delivering of the mind’, using it to think and to align; thus usingthe power of the mantras to transfer the mind form the material to spiritualconscience.

Meet the people who willl guide the activities:

- Cátia is a Yoga instructor, certified by Sivananda Ashram, India, in 2011 and a certified guide and a member of the European Forest Therapy institute. She is also a holistic therapist of Reflexology, Ayurvédic and Thai massage, Reiki, Theta Healing, and Evolutionary Astrology. In addition to her formal training, she has furthered her studies in various workshops held in Portugal, Thailand, India and Australia. 

- Ida Finska is a Finnish wellness professional and ambassador. She has dedicated 9 years of her life to studying emotional wellbeing in the field of yoga. She is an exercise advisor, licensed personal trainer and a licensed yoga teacher, and has developed an innovative program to teach yoga in retreats, studios & yoga festivals over the world. 

- Joana, an avid hiker and curious explorer. From a young age, she has been taught the values of Nature and the importance of respecting it but it wasn’t until her early adulthood that she noticed how much she needed Nature to maintain balance in her life. What started as hobby has become a professional life project that she is happy to share with anyone who wants to be in the nature, because Nature is too beautiful not to be shared.

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