Because we all are different!

Hiking in Sintra and its surroundings is wonderful.

Though the most sought after trails are the ones that lead us to the monuments, there are paths for everyone's interests and capabilities. The hiking trails to the monuments avoid the roads and motorized traffic.  Some access-paths are signposted, other paths are marked with the international hiking signs, some are not marked at all, as they pass in the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais and even through private grounds.

The main areas for hiking are the mountain and Sintra village, the coast and the countryside. There are paths everywhere!  You may want your hike to be circular, where you leave from and arrive to the same spot.  Or you may prefer walking along a linear path, using a local bus or a taxi or the old Sintra tram to return.  You can make your hike short or long, passing by villages or beaches - or simply stay in areas where you are not likely to see anyone else.  Not used to off road walking? Or perhaps you prefer something a bit more technical? Want to catch some sun as you walk- or prefer to stay mainly in the shade?  No worries, there is something for everyone.

At Casa do Valle, we are prepared for most situations. We know the area, we know the paths, and we do have the maps. After talking with you and understanding how you want your walking in Sintra to be, we give you the maps you need.  We have maps for those who like the touch of paper and know how to navigate using a map. For some routes, we have written instructions.  And we have maps in digital format for those who want to use the Google Maps app with the localization of the hiker at all times;  or for Gpsies or other navigation systems. We want you to enjoy
your hiking the way you see fit.

Because we all are different.


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