Yoga starts our activities this summer

To start our outdoor activities at Casa do Valle this summer are Yoga classes!  Starting the 25th of July (and continuing on all Wednesday afternoons at 530 pm), Cátia Pereira will lead us to relaxation after a busy day out, preparing for a good night sleep in a rested body.

Cátia is a 'lisboeta', meaning born in Lisbon. She enjoys teaching yoga with a focus on breathing techniques and mindfulness.  She was certified in India, having traveled to Thailand and Australia, where she took wellness training courses, including massage therapies such as Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage and reflexology.
Cátia believes cultivating yoga is a profound body, mind and soul expression, while the Universe and the alignments of the planets and stars influence each one of us. She teaches Hatha, Vinyasa flow,  yoga Nidra, and Meditation and also leads meditative walks.

Other activities to start in the beginning of August are special massage days and guided hikes, such as walks to the palaces up on top of the mountain.  We also arrange for bicycle rentals with or without a guide.  More detailed information at our reception and later in this blog.


Marion Gillam said…
yoga is good for health. Another key to healthy life style is to have your own massage chair at home.
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